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What We Do

We see electric cooperatives, microgrids and other forms of distributed energy resources (DERs) as living and growing organisms. To thrive, it needs to be matched with a decentralized operating system. The lack of proper governance and payments channels are currently limiting their true potential.

As the system operator, the brain, DexGrid is the virtual utility that promotes and facilitates their organic growth. We promote incentives for these organisms to scale. We facilitate self-governance and automatic value exchange. We are the virtual utility for distributed energy.

We concentrate our effort in the Caribbean, starting with our home, Puerto Rico.


Users buy and sell energy on order books facilitated through DexGrid. This pricing model provides incentives to generate low cost power and compensate grid stability.


Flexibility and user incentives are important to us. Energy consumers can select preferred terms and payment plans to save even more money on their power bill. Energy producers have now the opportunity to gain even more exposure to their neighborhoods.

Security & Simplicity

Our technology provides customers with an encrypted wallet offering high-end security for their funds. Payments are processed automatically on their behalf in real-time reducing credit risk and costly late charges.

Let's work together

Now's the time to do something about our kids' future!
We are currently expanding our partnerships with leading energy players in the Caribbean.
If you are a project developer, investor, landlord, or if you have a specific interest in this field, let's connect!

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